About Nucalis

Nucalis is an Argentine company created to produce and export Walnuts. From its very beginning, it has committed to selecting, caring and preserving a favorable environment to grow the best possible product.


Calingasta Valley.
A unique and privileged place.

Nucalis is located Southwest of the Province of San Juan, in Calingasta Valley, an elongated superficial depression crossed by rivers that form a man-made oasis thanks to a well developed irrigation system.

The area is surrounded by the Andes Mountain range to the West and the Andean foothills to the East.

A pure and clean environment

The property constitutes an ideal setting for healthy cultivation, with fertile lands and uniquely pure air, bathed by thaw water.


Technology applied to Production

At present, Nucalis has an extensive walnut plantation of trees over 15 years old, with a deployed drip irrigation system with underground pumps, which enable the extraction of the purest drinking water.

This technology, together with its own walnut processing, drying, calibration and packing lines, allow Nucalis to offer products of the highest quality standards to meet the varied demands of customers and accomplish a prominent position in the global market.


Successful business relationships

Nucalis focuses on creating and strengthening solid business relationships with customers who require a product of excellence, along with the best-personalized customer service and exclusive dedication to each business transaction.

Thus, it has established long-term ties with local and international customers and generated new sales through many recommendations.